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Welcome to LnxZip

LnxZip is a Gnome front-end to common archive utilities under Linux/Unix. The goal is to provide the end user with a quality tool he/she requires to either work with compressed files or create RPM's. LnxZip is covered under the open source, free GNU GPL .

Currently zip, gzip, tar, arj, and bzip2 are supported. Functionality includes the ability to open archives, and to add, delete, extract, and view files. RPM functionality includes creation of spec file, automatic naming convention, creation of build scripts, creation of build tree and execution of build script.

LnxZip supported archive actions.

  zip tar tar.gz tgz tar.bz2 bz2 arj
Add Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Delete Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Extract Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
New Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No



Lomega is a program for maintaining your Iomega disks under Linux, similar in functionality to Iomega's® IomegaWare Tools.® It allows the user to mount and umount disks easily and also features the ability to change the protection status of a disk. Lomega supports compressed file backup's to supported Iomega drives. Lomega is covered under the open source, free GNU GPL.



LnxFire is a firewall tool for Linux aimed at the small business and home office client. Use the firewall creation wizard to quickly create a basic firewall. Featuring dynamic rule modifiers, pro-active monitoring, reporting, e-mail alerts and auto lock-out for port scanners. Watch and listen to the intruders splat of the firewall. LnxFire requires the GNOME 1.2 libraries.


E-Mail: John Hawk
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